Does Offred Get Pregnant

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Does Offred Get Pregnant

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She is a Handmaid assigned to Commander Glen and is friends with Offred. She is revealed to be a member of an underground resistance named Mayday. Her real name in the book it is never mentioned. Offred describes her as "a little plumper than I am. Offred leaves the house to go shopping, she waits at the corner for Ofglen. The Handmaids always travel in pairs when outside.

Ofglen says that she has heard the war is going well, and that the army recently defeated a group of Baptist rebels. They reach a checkpoint manned by two young Guardians. In town, Ofglen and Offred wait in line at the shops. They finish their shopping and go out to the sidewalk, where they encounter a group of Japanese tourists and their interpreter. The tourists want to take a photograph, but Offred says no. Many of the interpreters are Eyes , and Handmaids must not appear immodest. The tourists ask if they are happy, and since Ofglen does not answer, Offred replies that they are very happy.

As they return from shopping, Ofglen suggests they take the long way and pass by the church. It is an old building, decorated inside with paintings of what seem to be Puritans from the colonial era. Now the former church is kept as a museum. Offred describes a nearby boathouse, old dormitories, a football stadium, and redbrick sidewalks. Returning from another shopping trip, Ofglen and Offred notice three new bodies on the Wall. After looking at the bodies for a while, Offred tells Ofglen that they should continue walking home.

They meet a funeral procession of Econowives , the wives of poorer men. Econowives do not like Handmaids. One woman scowls, and another spits at the Handmaids as they pass. Ofglen and Offred, now more comfortable with one another, continue to make their shopping trips. The fish store, Loaves and Fishes , rarely opens now, because the seas have become so polluted that few fish still live in them. They continue to visit the Wall. On one of their return trips, Ofglen and Offred stop at a store called Soul Scrolls. Inside, humming machines print prayers. Many of the Wives phone in orders for prayers in order to signal their piety. After the prayers are printed, the paper is recycled and used again.

Suddenly, Ofglen whispers to Offred, asking her whether she believes God actually listens to the machines. Offred is tremendously excited. She learns that Ofglen is part of a group of subversives. As they walk home, a dark black van painted with a white-winged eye, the symbol of the Eyes , stops abruptly. Offred thinks perhaps her conversation with Ofglen was recorded, but the two Eyes who jump out grab a man carrying a briefcase. They drag him into the vehicle and drive away, and Offred feels tremendous relief. She is currently pregnant and in detention in Canada, and does not know her husband is dead.

Speaking of whom, we may see Joseph Fiennes as Commander Fred Waterford again despite the character's death in the finale. The Handmaid's Tale often features flashbacks to the past. Showrunner Miller told EW. MacKenzie, Hannah's assigned mother. The announcement of Hulu's renewal did not indicate how many episodes will be in The Handmaid's Tale season 5. Season 5 may consist of 10 or fewer episodes, since the pandemic has caused production delays and slowdowns. If the show's creative team wants it to come back sooner than later, they may choose to make a shorter season.

In The Handmaid's Tale season 4, June met with Fred Waterford, ostensibly to say goodbye before he went to Zurich and made a plea deal with the international court that gained his freedom. However, their encounter clearly dissatisfied her and induced June to find a way to prevent Fred from going free. June approached Mark Tuello while he was jogging and asked him to drive her to a location. There, they found Commander Lawrence with an offer. If they delivered Fred, Gilead would free 22 women who had been captured while working for the resistance. Mark agreed and just as Fred was leaving for Zurich, he was taken into custody and then driven to the "no man's land.

Nick walked Fred into the woods, where they were met by June. After kissing Nick and bidding him farewell, she removed Fred's handcuffs. When he began thanking her, she blew a whistle. A group of former handmaids emerged from the woods and June told Fred to run. He fled, with June and the other handmaids chasing after him. Then, Fred stumbled and June began beating him, followed by the other women. In the morning, the bloodied women got in their cars to return home. June quietly entered her house and went up to the nursery to hug daughter Nichole. When her husband, Luke, found them, he saw the blood on June's face and knew instantly she she'd done.

He sank down to the floor in devastation. During this, a flash reveals that Fred's headless body is hanging from a wall. Below, written in blood, is the phrase, "Nolite te bastardes carburondorum. In the detention center, a calm Serena works on her computer. Outside, a mail worker opens a package addressed to her.

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