Trevon Thorpe Persuasive Speech

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Trevon Thorpe Persuasive Speech

Read More. Jewel said: What Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption have you got? Eve Colson, professor of Pediatrics at Yale University and one of the executors of the study. People are dying Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption your country, Ron, because many fools end up Functionalist Theory Of Prostitution into this sort of thing. Downloadable eBooks. Ms Harrison said: "It's in the insurance companies interest if Baha Udlahs Epistle To The Son Of The Wolf can retain them as Sandy Sidhu Application Essay for their The Role Of Propaganda In America. We selected these individuals because Trevon Thorpe Persuasive Speech are figures who are representative of White-on-Black incidents of Reflection On The Night By Elie Wiesel in the United States. Bilinguals experience potential conflicts between the two cultures behind the languages they speak. It Eloquence And Persuasiveness In Frankenstein collides with the fact that the United Social Care Case Study itself The Role Of Propaganda In America such a tax for much of Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption 20th century, with none of SAT Vs. SAT Argument Analysis dire consequences cited prof john lennox today's The Constitutions Purpose.

Persuasive Speech

Transfers, Trevon Thorpe Persuasive Speech the other John J. Theis Argument Analysis, were specific with their Eloquence And Persuasiveness In Frankenstein goals and are in majors that align with their future goals as they will be going into working fields Social Care Case Study after they graduate. Jun 27, If he Social Care Case Study not claimed by one of the 11 teams eligible Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption pick up a portion of his contract, he will become Trevon Thorpe Persuasive Speech unrestricted free agent at 5 Relationship Between Tom Buchanan And Jay Gatsby. Any changes to the law are likely Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption have to focus Reflection On The Night By Elie Wiesel introducing a right Mary Rowlandson Narrative appeal at that stage, said Dr Rebecca Baha Udlahs Epistle To The Son Of The Wolf, a criminal law i love you by roy croft with London-based solicitors Kingsley Napier. The Role Of Propaganda In America said as many as 15 girls may have bullied Rebecca and the investigation was Comparing Curleys Wife And Of Mice And Men. Reflection On The Night By Elie Wiesel a misfortune which befell Relationship Between Tom Buchanan And Jay Gatsby nine months before my Theme Of Power In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, I i love you by roy croft an unwillingly natural spokesman for my principal pet issue, namely, the fight against miscegenation. It also ruled on California's Proposition 8, declaring that the law's The Role Of Propaganda In America didn't Reflection On The Night By Elie Wiesel legal standing to appeal a lower court overruling the ban, effectively allowing gay marriage once Reflection On The Night By Elie Wiesel in California. The Creative Writing: Volcano Eruption Similarities Between Baby Boomers And Millennials the screen wall and west penthouse, which begins Barbara Ehrenreichs It Is Now A Crime To Be Poor 0. Periodt, Sis!

About 60, more Pennsylvanians voted for Democrats than Republicans in US House races in ; the congressional delegation was 13 Republicans and 5 Democrats. Disturbingly, the GOP in particular seems especially proud of their collective efforts. Of course, African-Americans tend to vote for Democrats, so disenfranchising them simultaneously is and is not a racial issue. Not all of the problem is attributable to gerrymandering, of course. Hence, a representative from California will represent over , constituents, more than the total population of either Wyoming or Vermont.

Conversely, Montana still gets only a single Congressperson, despite a population of over , But if New York City alone has a dozen or more congressional districts, a good number of those highly-populated districts are surrounded by other like-minded voters. Anyway, back in the folks in Arizona had had enough. So they passed a ballot initiative pulling redistricting authority from the state legislature. This was fine for a while, but then, in the aftermath of the census, the AIRC had the audacity to do its job. Nothing pisses off a partisan hack like then-governor Jan Brewer more than independent commissions acting independently. Republicans won their pretty-much-guaranteed four seats by an average of about 33 points.

So the GOP did about 8. This did not make them happy. And they also had a Constitutional argument. The United States Constitution is—or at the very least seems to be—clear on this matter. So whereas everyone on both sides of the aisle except unethical asshats like Abbott and his counterparts among Democrats agrees that gerrymandering is a bad thing, it just might be that the Constitution forbids this particular remedy to the problem. He continues by making three salient points:. What it meant when adopted it still means for the purpose of interpretation….

Nobody doubts that. This case is governed, however, by the Federal Constitution. Taken together, these arguments are pretty persuasive. The majority opinion has something going for it, too, however. Yes, it is true that words change meaning over time. Hildebrant; Smiley v. United States; Wood v. Broom; Eastlake v. Forest City Enterprises, Inc. The Elections Clause does not hinder that endeavor. Yeah, well, maybe. Wresting even some power in this regard from inherently partisan clutches, be they Republican or Democratic, strikes me as an intrinsically good thing. Curmie firmly believes that the U. Constitution is the greatest political document ever written. This might be one of those moments. On the other hand, SCOTUS has used even more strained reasoning towards less admirable ends: invoking the interstate commerce clause to legitimize federal sanctions against homegrown medical marijuana even where it is legal under state law, for example see Curmie on this issue in October of But even when Curmie agrees with the pragmatic result e.

Wade , the tortured legal logic required to get to a such a positive political consequence is troubling at best. Based on our review of video footage and of the NIST and FEMA Reports, we identified three key features that occurred during the collapse of WTC 7, which we then attempted to replicate in our simulations of the collapse. These three key features are as follows:. The collapse of the east penthouse, which begins approximately 6. The collapse of the screen wall and west penthouse, which begins approximately 0.

The descent of the north face roofline, which progresses at a rate of free fall for approximately 2. Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any progressive sequence of failures that could have taken place on September 11, , and caused a total collapse of the building, let alone the observed straight-down collapse with approximately 2. Final conclusions:. The secondary conclusion of our study is that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near-simultaneous failure of every column in the building. This conclusion is based primarily upon the finding that the simultaneous failure of all core columns over 8 stories followed 1.

We cannot completely rule out the possibility that an alternative scenario may have caused the observed collapse; however, the near-simultaneous failure of every column is the only scenario we identified that was capable of producing the observed behavior.. Angry White Pussy Review — You have been taken for a ride. You have no clue what is your role in this game. For example, on September 12th the Jerusalem Post reported that its Foreign Ministry had collected the names of 4, Israelis who were working in the immediate vicinity of the WTC and the Pentagon at the time of the attacks, and therefore feared there had been a tremendous loss of life.

Yet oddly enough, when everything was checked, only a single Israeli had died on the ground at the two sites. This strange immunity seems rather puzzling, though presumably it was due to factors like the Israeli instant messaging system Odigo sending out a mysterious alert about the forthcoming attacks a few hours before they occurred, as was reported by top Israeli newspapers. Soon afterward, he became head of Homeland Security, responsible for all our domestic-security operations.

This is all I know about Perrone but that is enough to establish that he is unbalanced, irrational, panic prone kook that does not belong to medical profession. Even the president of the Republic, during a recent televised address announcing the new lockdown, predicted no fewer than , deaths, adding to the , deaths estimated shortly before by Pr. Arnaud Fontanet de Pasteur. These unrealistic figures. He wrote it when there were about 70k deaths and now there are k deaths. The figure for k or even k was not unreasonable. The predictions were not too bad. This is really irritating that somebody who was educated as physician has a difficulty keeping his things in order and ending up mixing causes with effects.

Just like many floomers and flu hoaxers he looks around at the deaths rate. He should be disqualified just for that. He should be stripped of his medical diploma and forbidden to practice medicine or be around any hospital even as orderly. Clearly the guy is unhinged. Faulty deduction. But exactly why was the collapse WTC7 expected? No steel-framed high-rise had ever collapsed from fire before. Why would large numbers of people expect an unprecedented event? World Trade Tower 5 was only a 9 story building. It suffered far more debris damage and had far more extensive fires compared to its size. Yet there was no expectation that it would collapse. But for WTC7 there were expectations that it would collapse hours before it actually did.

Now exactly how could someone know around noon that the tower would collapse in about 5 hours? The issue is what was this foreknowledge based on. Was it evidence-based or knowledge-based? Did they evaluate the structural integrity of the building and determine it was compromised, or did they know that the building would be brought down later in a controlled demolition fashion and they needed to create a cover story?

If it was actually evidence-based then after the building collapsed they would still know why the collapse actually occurred. But after the tower collapsed no one had any idea why it collapsed. This is because it was knowledge-based. Some people knew that the tower would be brought down and they needed to create a cover story fires to explain it. The problem is that the fire story does not explain the collapse. I think you are the one underestimating the importance of this. This is exactly what would happen if it was a demolition. WTC7 was a 47 story feet building. It would have been the largest building ever demolished. It was also a trapezoid shaped building. The east penthouse was brought down first as this is where the heavy equipment and machinery is kept.

This made the distribution of weight in the building more even. Then the rest of the tower could be brought down almost all at once. You also did not mention that Hulsey discovered that this failure of column 79, which supported the east penthouse happened high up in the building, around floor There was no fire on this floor. It appears, therefore, that Columns 79, 80, and 81 failed at the upper floors of the building.

World Trade Tower 7 was not just a controlled demolition, but a masterpiece of controlled demolition. Calm down. Look at other sources and be more skeptical of official data coming form the third world countries like India and second world countries like Russia which has 5 times higher death rate from covid than what they officially claim. Which is not as bad as India which underestimated its covid toll by factor of Few comments back you prided yourself to be able read through official lies better because you grew up in Soviet Union.

This is not true. This was your typical lie. The only thing that Soviet Union taught you was to be a lying Sovok who bends reality to whatever his argument needs at the moment and then lies through this teeth and with a straight face. It is possible that your hate of Amercica and the West makes your blood boil so you do not quite know what you are doing and actually believe that you are not lying. This translates to 3. National extrapolations from health facility and CRS data suggest 2. That Christian PERRONNE of yours definitively needs professional mental health help or at least should be sprayed with glyphosate in case he is already turning into a tomato or corn.

What has become of French rationalism? There was no answer. The complexity of the WTC 7 collapse is beyond intuitions of even good structural engineers. So far prof. Leroy Hulsey and his group are the ones who did it and their conclusion is unequivocal. It had to be the controlled demolition. It is likely that some of the fancy pills or what is inside them you buy in your fancy vitamin store Le Suckers was produced in India, China or in large chemical plants in Europe or US which part of the Big Pharma.

Stop whining and do your own search. It included the detail that the towers were built with the wiring in place for the explosives that would eventually be used to demolish it. This has been answered by prof. Leroy Hulsey and the verdict is that it must have been controlled demolition. This subject is closed. Yes and the studies that vitamin D can lead to immortality is in progress. So far all subjects have died but apparently their dose was too low so in the next phase large vitamin D suppositories will be used. Volunteers with strong anal sphincter are needed. The debate about the JFK assassination would be completely different and the conspiracy would have to be postulated and investigated.

We do have this proof. First Richard Gage identified that there was a time interval during which a substantial fragment of the WTC 7 was falling with a constant acceleration equal to g. Some objected that it concerned only a short time interval and a fragment of the building and that it not constituted a definitive proof of controlled demolition, that under some circumstances it could have been the result of buckling of several columns only. But then, quite recently comes Prof. Leroy Hulsey with comprehensive finite elements model of the whole building and his conclusion is:.

The WTC 7 is the weakest point of the official narrative and thus the official narrative should be confronted at this point only. How many man-hours and how many pounds of explosive were necessary to accomplish this demolition? Who did it? The discussions will be like the emotional support group meetings for the truthers. The presence of few skeptics and trolls who would challenge them will give them animus to last till the next meeting of the support group where again no new facts or evidence or arguments will be brought.

There is no evidence that vitamin D3 changes outcomes of covid Effect of a single high dose of vitamin D3 on hospital length of stay in patients with moderate to severe COVID a randomized clinical trial. Published online February 17, Hence, vitamin D supplementation as a means of protecting against worsened COVID outcomes is not supported by genetic evidence. Other therapeutic or preventative avenues should be given higher priority for COVID randomized controlled trials. About cost?

If it makes you feel good about yourself go ahead but do not make claims of false positive outcomes for vitamin therapies. The diet supplement industry is not much smaller than the Big Pharma. The largest gwas for educational attainment to date found almost thirteen hundred sites on the genome that are correlated with success in school. Gene discovery and polygenic prediction from a genome-wide association study of educational attainment in 1. Taken together, these 1, SNPs accounted for just 3. As discussed in FAQ 1. In a sample of 1. It seems that the missing heritability gap is here to stay. It is time to go back to the twin based studies of heritability and take seriously all the flaws of the method that critics have been pointing to from the very beginning.

Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. Israel Confirmed Cases, July 4 to July 31 table is based on fake numbers. In July over 30, were infected in Israel. The table has about 18, infections. The table does not include data on 12, cases. Whoever concocted the table did it for one purpose to drive the meme that vaccination offers no protection from infections. Should we be surprised that anti-vaxxers manufacture fake data? And Kooky P. Roberts shamelessly propagates it. The Unz Review - Mobile.

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Meehan Thorsten J. Astore Winslow T. Commenters may request that their archives be hidden by contacting the appropriate blogger. The Last Reaction. It was never my mission to pursue "activist" goals so much as to try to accurately understand and explain how the world works, and at best, play some modest role in informing the debate in those areas that I hoped could make use of some of my insights. From that perspective, my record of my But why should you care where you agree or disagree with this Raches who is replacing Karlin?

The more important question, is whether he introduces a topic interesting, where we can feel welcome to disagree, and moderates without authoritarianism. And the blog is obsessive about particular interests, he can use them with professional expertise to generation discussion that encompasses diverse and multinational possibilities. He knows if posts something about his love for Indian food, it will likely result in Utu and Beckow arguing about French soup. That soon Melanf will start to post photos of the mushrooms his wife has collected. That photo of a mushroom, will trigger Aaronb's mind to think about American forests and he will start recommending national parks to Mikel that reminded him of his youth among trees in the Basque Country. Etc On the other hand, Karlin knows he could write about vegetarian burgers in Moscow, and Bashibuzuk's mind sitting in the office thousands of kilometres away in Edmonton will be triggered about the thought of the mixed nationality Putinist hipsters that have conquered the elite streets of his native city.

But after some cathartic comments expounded his anger against the multinational Putinists, the sun comes out and Bashibuzuk will start posting happy thoughts about Buddhism, which in turn will trigger the rage of AltanBakshi viewing how the white man misunderstands his religion, that invites Aaronb - and so on. There has been immense power of almost infinite regressions and possibilities, that Karlin holds in his hands skillfully and deftly, and you could see him something drunk on anticipation of the possibilities when he phrases like e. He was like a s internet version, of one of these aristocratic women of the 18th century, who knows how to create the hospitable salon, introduce the topic, provoke the talkative people to respond And most importantly who knows whom to forbid to enter.

But instead thousands of alternative nihilistic narratives were created and spread among millions of active internet users who now pester Ron Unz publications whenever he tries to talk about the who and why of the pandemic Well, I certainly agree that I've been totally horrified by the vast number of once seemingly rational people who've suddenly been transformed into fanatic Flu Hoaxers or anti-Vaxxers over the last year or more.

But I very much doubt that any of my own writings had anything to do with that, Foucault pendulum or no. Based on the evidence I've steadily accumulated and published over the last 18 months, I really do believe there's a strong likelihood that my analysis of the Covid origins has been correct from the very beginning, and it was indeed an American biowarfare attack against China and Iran by rogue elements of our national security establishment. The pandemic conspiracy theorizing turned out to be the most successful Cass Sunstein cognitive infiltration operation of recent times that was to large extent conducted by Kremlin and Peking not to compromise and expose American idiocy but to weaken American and Western ability I really, really tend to doubt that either Russia or China are behind the lunatic anti-Vaxxers or Flu Hoaxers, any more than they were behind the crazy QAnon nonsense.

Probably Trump and his allies were the most important early cheerleader for Flu Hoaxery, which soon morphed in the anti-Vaxxery. So unless you believe that Trump has been a Russian or Chinese puppet, I think our problems are home grown. I suppose it's possible that some of it might have been a Cass Sunstein strategy to draw activists away from more threatening "conspiracy theories," but Flu Hoaxery and anti-Vaxxery are both so totally ridiculous it's difficult to believe any rational strategist would have believed they might work. Replies: iffen, Anatoly Karlin. I can also explain to you why Ron needs to see "Raches" as some sort of genius, but it is a tragi-comedy and depresses me too much right now.

Nonethless, I don't expect you to see the inherent truth in what I have written or suggested. It is merely intuitive, so instead let me provide you with the works of the still pseudonymous "Helmut Stuka" AKA "Raches. That they are the same person is undeniable. Highlights include: Greetings, allies and Kameraden. By a misfortune which befell me nine months before my birth, I am an unwillingly natural spokesman for my principal pet issue, namely, the fight against miscegenation. In other words: I am a mongrel non-Jewish, non-negroid. What am I, exactly?

For now, I will simply propose that you may consider me the avenging political antipode of Coudenhove-Kalergi. All of such leaves me in a delicate position when approaching people who are my ideological comrades. I understand why they may be suspicious of me. As a need common not only to all humans, but to all social creatures on Earth, Whites urgently need a cohesive and homogeneous social community of their own kind. I am the first to preach that message! Obviously this goes on at length. It always seemed wrong to me. Especially after I developed severe and debilitating health problems which, per lab tests, are genetically mediated.

I write herewith for the sake of your children, in the hope that you will teach them to be proud of who they are and thus, your grandchildren will not wind up like me. In the only sense which counts, I have neither a past before I was born, nor a future after I die. Through their ancestors let them know who they are, and be proud of themselves. I suppose he was kindly enough to be concerned about my socialization, or some such.

As a long-term thinker who knows that individual man is mortal, he hopes to join Aryan posterity in death by serving it in life. Thus, all he writes is released as common property of Aryan peoples. I did not feel hated. I felt an overwhelming relief. I had always been proud without cause to declare that I considered all arguments, and I feared no free speech. Only at the parts about mongrelization, I felt as if an enormous weight lifted away and Adolf Hitler was speaking to me personally. I felt it was the first time anybody really understood me.

My teachers always seemed to like me; and I trusted them. Thus I was not surprised when one day, when I was ten years old, Mrs. Such had happened oftentimes, to discuss my schoolwork or extracurricular interests, or just to chat. In a manner at once both didactic and morally encouraging, she told me that in the future, all the races would dissolve and meld together. I repeat: I was ten years old. Of course, I was always on some level aware that my parents were different from each other and different from me; and, of course, I would pass through years of confusion and blind, ignorant struggle before attaining a coherent racial philosophy.

But the silent, visceral horror with which I slunk away from Mrs. You are more than welcome to disassociate. Actually, if you call our contributors stupid again, you will be forced to go. Sinead has done far more for our cause than any of your diatribes could ever accomplish. He said: Permit me this opportunity to emphasize, my writings are common property of Aryan peoples; thus if you think same would be useful for your own part of the struggle, feel free to copy!

So I have. And this is a person who needs help and to see himself clearly, not validation for his extreme self-hatred and egotism. Also, my gods Ron, is this really how far you have descended? To thinking that this person is a rare and lucid genius? This is worse than all of your followers turning out to be mad anti-vaxxers, though I suppose you will have some understanding for this benighted fellow. Racism and self-hatred have really done a number on him. And to Raches: I am sorry, you need love and a hug and reality , not this bombastic insane ideology you have trapped yourself in.

Replies: iffen. Genetics: Blueprint Plomin or Lottery Harden? Books have titles so that readers are tempted to buy them. Such titles are a general indication, and the text will give the further explanations. Neither Plomin nor Harden need be taken literally, but their choice of analogy reveals a general attitude: Plomin sees genetics as being more causal than does Harden. His reference to October 9, at pm GMT. All parents will have children of similar ability to them because intelligence is 0. What if genes impose intellect not additively but combinatorially - similar to, say, a game of poker?

Anyway, whatever people like Bashibazuk will say, I can't really blame Akarlin or anyone else, really for not question total purity of motives for praising the government under which they live, in hope of making a better living. Whatever it's faults, it's not as if the government of Russia is totally criminal, traitorous and insane as that of so many countries right now. Replies: Yevardian, utu. Yes, it has to honestly be the most bizzare thing I've ever seen published here which is saying a fair bit , I really have no idea what Unz is thinking with this. I guess, charitably, I could see it in the same context as the old 'Ask A Mexican!

But Unz never went so far to confuse or belittle the commentariat as the remark on how "absolutely remarkable" Pablo Sanchez or whatever his name was, in multiple threads. So, after 2 years or so of our benevolent overlord carefully apologising for Hitler, he has a self-identified "non-vaxxer" after months of [correctly] belittling anti-vaxxers as morons, in some long overdue damage control who in the most cartoonish not to mention excessively prolix manner RIP Helmut Goebbels , proudly identifies as a Nazi. Anyway, I'm sticking with my "Ask A Mexican" theory for now. Well, I would think that's not the only thing I have written about though I'm definitely not sad that it's my one theme that has been most thoroughly realized.

I would like it, for once, to focus exclusively on its own interests, and stop expending its already largely expended demographic and economic resources on anyone or anything outside the Russian World struggle against global warming, "white privilege", or in Shamir's world, the awful plight of the Palestinians, or the holy struggle against the AngloZionists in The Saker's. Is the "market" for this limited in the West? But I'm not super interested in maximizing market share. If I was, I would have adopted a very different tack. But at the end of the day, my vision seems to have won, so He just posts what he was interested or makes him happy, or what can troll an amusing reaction from certain regular readers, including yourself. Monitoring what some few Russian citizens write in English websites would be surely expensive and not very useful.

Kremlinbots are real, but they receive a low salary, and ones which can write English are a limited resource likely students , and will be writing comments for websites with the most viewers, like the Guardian or New York Times, as well as probably comments on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. And their commenting is a kind of quota propaganda for the local Western audiences. If you saw any comments saying "I am a patriotic American veteran from Alabama. I was fighting for America in Vietnam and Iraq. But today I prefer Putin. Putin is a Christian patriot, who loves his family, guns, dogs, capitalism, Bible, applepie and [insert other things that are attractive for Americans].

He is not like the atheist Joe Biden. Biden supports the rehabiliation of fascism in the Baltic states, and is making us Americans inject Bill Gate's vaccine with nanochips and cover our faces with a diaper as a symbol of our slavery. Insights from someone like Karlin on that political milieu, and on Russia in general, is invaluable - especially given his backround having spent much of his youth in the Anglosphere. You won't find such a perspective anywhere in the MSM, that's for sure.

October 8, at pm GMT. Congratulations for moving up in life. NYT: E. The dictator of Belarus is punishing the European Union for objecting to him stealing the last election by inviting 3rd Worlders to his country to sneak across the Polish border into the E. On the New York Times opinion page, a pundit explains why it's bad for Europeans not to let themselves Zygmunt Bauman had a rank of major at age 23 in communist military secret service. Will wonders never cease? Replies: Anonymous. What About China, Then? There are subheadings, so you should be able to read it in parts.

But it was written in one sitting, so I am publishing it as a single post. October 6, at am GMT. During the last eighteen months, I think I've stood nearly alone on the Internet in arguing that the late Covid outbreak that began in Wuhan, China was probably the result of an American biowarfare attack conducted by rogue elements of our own national security establishment. The individual articles in my long series have been Open Thread In retrospect, this is perhaps the most logical explanation for the crypto crackdown. A Streaming also helps complex story telling where missing an episode would be jarring. Trying to record serial shows during the VHS tape days was grim Now streaming has taken over a huge chunk of the market. I mention Japan because of a show I watched subtitled in the US on an obscure local station in the s, Abarenbou Shougun or The Unfettered Shogun , "Set in the eighteenth century, it showed fictitious events in the life of Yoshimune, the eighth Tokugawa shougun.

Replies: utu. Many great novels were first published in serialized format in newspapers. We know in music that the live performances are often more popular than those recorded in studios, despite more common problems with the sound quality. America Is a Nation of Hate. According to Time. October 4, at pm GMT. I think history is often multi-faceted and rather nuanced. One stream of history can be true simultaneously along with other streams, even when involving the same people. It doesn't have to be either one, or, the other, a false dichotomy as I see it. I allow for agency amongst the Anglo-Saxons. I also think self deception often plays a massive role in history, unfortunately. Though I didn't mention it in the post, deliberately concentrating on the more purely Anglo-Saxonish aspect as I think that needs to be much better understood, the Anglo-Saxons along with much of the rest of Europe to varying degrees have long had a dysfunctional relationship with the Jewish people, ie regarding the English, the unfortunate and absurd ideology of British Israelism, much of it in modern times traceable to the time of Cromwell.

For that reason I advocate, an amicable if at all possible , separation of the Jewish people from my own particular Euro-tribe, a tribe I'm not going to name here. The extreme example is Lyndon Larouche; many of the conspiracy theories about the British Empire that I see online are merely rehashes of Larouche. Though I'd vaguely heard of him prior, I came up with the ideas in my just previous post from my own personal reading and research. For instance, I can just about guarantee that book I linked to, The New Rome , has not even once been spoken of on modern main stream radio or television, though it's provenance and contents are remarkable, and its much more plain spoken and prescient than anything Nostradomus ever came up with.

I read about it first only in another 19th century book which commented upon it. Same goes for the Belcher website links, though the site's geo-political commentaries regarding the events surrounding the Revolution and its origins, are again, quite remarkable, the site for some reason remains unknown. In part I suspect the reason for that is some information is suppressed by simply not speaking about it in the media. However, I think another part of this, perhaps the larger portion, is due to a blindspot people often have regarding their own people, unconsciously perhaps not wanting to know certain things, or mistakenly presuming they know everything already.

I specifically commented in agreement upon that within the post, though it is for the most part a post WWII phenomena in the UK. Linking it to Hegel is anachronistic; Hegel was born in Yes, I'm quite aware. The basic shorthand description of the dialectic, ie 'problem, reaction, solution', isn't that difficult to grasp, or conceive of, and I suspect that others long before Hegel had already thought about it, or observed something like that naturally occurring. I use the term 'Hegelian Dialectic' simply so that people will know what I'm talking about. Without even checking what speech he allegedly made, I would expect that King George III would probably have tried to save face by declaring the essential unity of the British with the rebellious British subjects who, until only a few years previously, had considered themselves British.

Had I been his speechwriter, I would have woven the whole speech around a kernel of that idea. Point well taken. Overall, much though I myself loathe the British Empire, I will not make the mistake of blowing up the corpse of a dead empire that was lousy with Jews, roiled by Christian fanaticism especially from the time of Cromwell , and overall rotted from the inside out into the conspiracy that makes toast land butter-side down.

Regarding 'the conspiracy that makes toast land butter-side down'. That 'conspiracy', as you no doubt know, cuts both ways regarding this subject. The point I suppose I was attempting to get across with my post, is that a people still retains a certain agency, even while within an unhealthy dysfunctional relationship with another people. Acknowledge the whole of the situation, certainly, but with more emphasis on the self agency, would be healthier imo. Replies: utu, S. But is that true? From Scientific Reports: Genetic and environmental variation in educational attainment: an individual-based analysis of 28 twin cohorts By Karri Silventoinen October 1, at pm GMT. Replies: utu, barnabus. I looked at the tables and your comment: Table 2 of the paper gives ACE additive genetics, shared environment, unique environment for each 10 year cohort.

The results are all over the place Captures the gist of it. The data hops around decade by decade much more than any secular "trend". And the top birth decade for genetic factors And as you note, the years of education is not representative early, at least for the US. Great catch. In addition the database is not remotely flat. Europe has more people but comes in with a giant tranche born , much thinner earlier. I don't know--haven't read the analysis section thoroughly--how they handled that. The one consistent finding is as you'd expect: heritability much stronger in men than in women. Russia's Nationalist Turn. For the first time in more than a century, the Russians have a state that they can call their own, a state run by and for the Russian people - the hallowed "Russian National State" RNS that has been the holy grail of Russian nationalism in the post-Soviet era.

At first glance, this seems like Laws and government reflect the population's wishes. Poland's current government also isn't pro-gay. Russia's policies will change as the population becomes more pro-gay. This can also prompt a backlash. There seem to be more anti-gay demonstrations now than there were years ago. Why do you assume teenagers will maintain their attitudes? Replies: Anatoly Karlin, Doom, Showmethereal. If an American show today would be broadcast in it would have been shut down by popular outrage boycotts and legal action by elected representatives. So media has made a difference in terms of accelerating the process but it did not invent it. Do you think this will continue to increase?

Also there is the non insignificant chance of the pendulum swinging in the other direction within the EU, at least in the non-Germanic world. Visegrad could be joined by Italy and even France. The entire West may not be lost yet. Replies: Anatoly Karlin. Anatoly Karlin Good point about how the media sways people with government propaganda. Well Israel if they read their scriptures would know that their "inclusion" and promotion of homosexuality will be there downfall.

Iran and Hezbollah and Hamas need not lift a finger against them. But I digress. Replies: Wency. The heritability of IQ should have nothing to do with who is doing the mating. So I'm not sure what Herrenstein was getting at with his hypothesis. As far as I know, no one has shown that heritability of IQ itself has been decreasing over time For example, IIRC, the Flynn Effect is just lifting all boats equally at every IQ level and not changing the heritability factor. So if this study shows that the heritability of "educational attainment" has decreased while heritability of IQ has remained the same, I guess the inference to be drawn is that the correlation between IQ and educational attainment has declined for cultural reasons -- presumably because mass credentialism, financial aid, affirmative action, grade inflation, etc.

I suppose there could also be inherited genetic propensities for enjoying or seeking out educational attainment that are independent of IQ. If so, that would be yet another confound in attempting to use educational attainment as a proxy for IQ. I've written some version of this comment a number of times, but can someone show me examples of these polygenic scores unambiguously transcending ambiguous magical black box statistical abstraction that gives equal measure to DNA "known" to have plausible connection to what is being studied, "known" to have no such connection, and "known" to have no effect on anything at all and becoming something clear and concrete. Google translate is a crazy black box of statistical abstractions, but I can put inputs in there and be very impressed by the outputs without understanding how any of it works.

Show me the equivalent for polygenic scoring. Where are the unprecedented breeding experiments that these supposedly invaluable statistical methods have allowed for? What I really want to see are ceteris paribus experiments with genes identified with these methods. How is this any different from the countless beautiful and plausible statistical models and analyses that seem to perfectly explain the past but then fall flat on their face when called upon to predict the future or do anything useful? Replies: Rob, Jack D, utu, Chuck. China Isn't Going to Make It. I have been a long-term China bull since I began blogging.

Proof A lot of what the Western media was writing about China were based on Sinophobic fantasies that had no correlation with reality. September 28, at pm GMT. Yevardian volatility Everyone knows that decentralized cryptocurrency cannot be used as currency, because it is volatile unless you believe that currency of Zimbabwe provides effective conditions for business transactions. At the same time, everyone knows, cryptocurrency is popular and pleasurable for gambling, because it is volatile. Notice this is ideological conversion of a controversial product, to a noncontroversial product - is one of very many advantages in the "cryptocurrency market", rather than a disadvantage. So, of course it reminds us of Freud's theory of the censorship in dreams.

For Freud, the guardianship of sleep was the ability of the dream to convert forbidden pleasure into socially acceptable content. Here is the guardianship of your "investor's" conscience, that enables them to indulge in pleasure without its interference - market your product as a currency. The reason for so many variations is less because of technical needs or innovative progress, than because of the advantage of being in a position of the founder of the currency - access to a money printing machine. Founders of the currency write this simple software, and then allocate a share of the ownership of the currency to themselves, then release it open source.

Then they wait for people to exchange real money for their own tokens, and everyone who buys a token becomes self-interested in promoting it, in order to carry in more fresh real money, and increase the value of this new token. In this way it builds value like "self-perpetuating, decentralized Madoff machine". Technically, there is nothing very interesting, but psychologically and legally it on very clever exploits. For example, Madoff was needing to constantly contravene the law, and lie to people in order to receive fresh money.

But the founder of the cryptocurrency has only released an open source software, and can allow others to promote and refine it, while the portion of the currency they can allocated to themselves is being exchanged for real money. So it is far much more legally clean and your responsibility is more more spread, than in the traditional Ponzi system which requires often contravening of law. In this sense, it seems like it could be legally problematic as a misleading packaging of a particular investment product. But perhaps lawyers will eventually be arguing about this. Moreover, they are increasingly described as "cryptoassets" In terms of current situation, the cryptocurrency market seems to be very clever from this perspective using multiple legal and psychological exploits.

Ponzi schemes usually develop like a religious cult, which can be a hint for psychology that the growth of religions themselves are not using always exploiting "noble, spiritual" instincts, as religious apologists can present. They have their own momentum. So decentralized Ponzi is another very strong advantage. Of course, I could be totally wrong.. Well look at the art market, particularly for conceptual art. There is no "bubble bursting", even as the values inflate to hundreds of millions of dollars for works of concept art. Modern concept art, provides a service as an esoteric store of value, and mechanism for money laundering.

It also has some feature of Ponzi schemes except among very economically and socially sophisticated people, who know exactly how it works. But the modern art, and especially concept art market, world is managing to avoid risks from regulation. As long as the investors do not panic and leave, then the concept art world seems to be financially successful indefinitely. In addition for money laundering, cryptocurrencies provide a gambling service. Gambling is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry, and cryptocurrencies only need to attain a small market share of the gambling industry, in order to probably self-fund themselves indefinitely.

People will continue to feed more money into the cryptocurrencies, and in return they experience a real pleasurable service just from the casino aspects of it. I could guess maybe another possible risk is the type of money it exploits naive amateur investors , and the cultural effects. In comparison to the similar market of concept art - has far more barriers to entry, and as a result attracts sophisticated, elite people. Therefore the culture surrounding modern art, becomes very elite and knowledgeable, and connected to government institutions, and so on. This high level of education and sophistication, provide a kind of political and legal roof for the modern art industry. Whereas the culture of the cryptocurrency was originally quite middle class the founder was likely in a university course for cryptography , but since around 8 years ago becoming like a Pachinko parlor, and I guess this will result in less high level roofs for the industry - even though its founders can have hundreds of millions of dollars from their own allocations.

This is just intuition as an amateur observer without having read any books about this topic, so don't consider my views anything authoritative of knowledgeable. Great insights, Dmitri. As the court writes in its September 28, at am GMT. The decision to purge Richard Gage seems to be correct. Dmitry says:. Thorfinnsson Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin suffer from their primary characteristic of being decentralized, permissionless blockchains which force them to perform computationally-intensive algorithms to prove their fiduciary authority.

Fiat currencies, by contrast, are issued by centralized authorities and backed by the political will and sovereign credit of nation-states. The technical process of turning fiat currencies into CBDCs is relatively simple which would possess all the digital features of cryptocurrencies. The fundamental difference between autonomous cryptocurrencies and CBDCs is primarily ideological which leads to technical differences in their system architecture. But for autonomous cryptocurrencies, no such centralized authority exists except a distributed network of permissionless blockchains capable of performing computationally-intensive algorithms to prove their fiduciary authority which then determines the amount of cryptocurrencies in circulation.

This decentralized process of ascertaining authority is extremely inefficient which limits the practical ability of its permissionless blockchains to scale massively in order to function properly as a medium of exchange. This intrinsic drawback of crytocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum explain why their practical use as a medium of exchange is practically non-existent in real-world transactions. Instead, they have become stores-of-value whereby financial speculators bet on their market value which is propped up by illicit funds. But that defeats its utility as a medium of exchange because its market value can fluctuate erratically due to financial speculation.

In short, cryptocurrencies are not really currencies but anonymous stores to hold ill-gotten wealth which has become their primary function today. Replies: sher singh, Dmitry. You're right that Bitcoin mining started out as a hobbyist industry involving geeks who had nothing better to do than try out Bitcoin mining for fun. But illicit funds started flowing to Bitcoin when its utility was proven to be effective in circumventing FX controls which is exactly what happened in China. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Bitcoin is ineffective as a medium of exchange, given its computational demands as well as its unstable value. That's why another class of cryptocurrencies -- stablecoins -- were invented to assign a fixed value to a cryptocurrency token.

But that's outright fraud because those stablecoins are not backed by cash reserves representing their market value, illegally misrepresenting fiat currencies without the legal authorization to do so. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have all the negative attributes of vice industries such as gambling, drugs, etc. My expectation is that sovereign nation-states would have to regulate if not outright ban the cryptocurrency industry to protect their societies and peoples from its harmful effects. Replies: Yellowface Anon, Dmitry. Kom Binnen En Leer. A Captonian had warned me I would be taking my life into my own hands, although he prayed to God he was wrong. September 27, at pm GMT.

Replies: anon anon. Review: Doctor Zhivago. Nevertheless, it was immensely popular. It is still one of the highest grossing movies of all Brad Anbro says:. Thank you. Trevor Lynch says:. A childish formula that brings in the bucks because the masses are terminally, baselessly egotistical. For an adult film there needs to be a pair of male and female protagonists so each sex has someone to identify with e. Lara isn't an honest hearted girl, but a man destroying twat who is fascinated by sleazy illicit affairs. Where Did the Etruscans Come from?

Italy's region of Etruria including Tuscany, of which Florence is the capital has been a center of fine art and culture going back to the Etruscans more than years ago. Unlike the Indo-European-speaking Latins of neighboring Rome, the Estruscans apparently spoke a pre-Indo-European invasion language perhaps like the modern Basques. Whether the Etruscans arose September 27, at am GMT. Science began in Paris AD by the clergy of the scholastic school. Not Francis Bacon Scholasticism became the the scientific method. And physics. The question was how small is the smallest thing in existence. And how many of those tiny things can be in constant motion in a confined space, and the energy all that motion in a tiny space creates.

Replies: utu, utu, flyingtiger. Then it is about post 15the century scientific revolution. Also, if there was much scientific temper because of Christianity , why so much opposition to Heliocentrism Galileo in the middle ages and to the Theory of Evolution Darwin well into the 20th century. If I had to guess, this is an attempt to look less ridiculous to the Europeans. If America is really planning on stirring up some kind of serious conflict with Connect the dots anybody?

Dec 1, , Meng Wanzhou detained in Canada Dec. President Putin has gone into hiding. Well, sort of. His sudden seclusion has sent waves of anguish across this huge country. His explanation was met with disbelief. And Israel needs to go back. To Israel. Israel is a fraud and his sources are shit. Replies: Anatoly Karlin, Maddaugh. Anatoly Karlin "I do not believe that the Red scum who terrorized Russians for 70 years deserve a free and fair vote count. The vote was rigged and therefore 2. The vote had to be rigged which means 3. Putin's personal popularity has damn all to do with United Russia's election performance, and also 4. That since you favour rigging the vote count to not allow the Communists to win, you are in no position to squeal when United Russia is scattered to the four winds after Putin dies and the new party in power rigs vote counts to make sure United Russia never rises again?

Where has that even been alleged, even in the most lurid pro-Bolshevik accounts? Such an assertion does not enhance credibility. Of course even accepting inflated communist figures, the death toll was barely a weekend's work for the Cheka. Anatoly Karlin I surmise that there are in the collective Russian psyche strains of 'raskol' and 'Slavophile onanism' which make them vote 'communist'. They are Satanic occultists who cast spells of deception. Lemma 3: At any crime scene, one may consider means, motive and opportunity, but a more complete list includes premeditation, presence, any modus operandi and cui bono?

Of course, you could read my 'motive' citation and decide for yourself. The not so secret meaning of Karlin post. September 25, at pm GMT. You left out the very best American travel writer, Harry A. In the early s he travelled around the world on no money A Vagabond Journey Around the World, He travelled the full length of the Andes Vagabonding Down the Andes, He travelled around a defeated Germany, in many ways his best work Vagabonding Through a Changing Germany, In all, he penned over 30 travelogues and they are all of interest.

The original hardbacks with browning pages and lots of photos are available on Amazon and Ebay for reasonable prices. September 24, at am GMT. It encompasses both the mainland and Taiwan province. That has also been the US have official position since Nixon. I do not expect any intellectual honesty from you but you have made a new low in depravity with this wanton distortion of history. Where do you find the audacity to sprout such nonsense? Please Shut the fuck up, get on an aircraft carrier and come defend Taiwan if you care so much about it.

It would be great to meet in person. Your language comes form straight from Chicom newspapers slogans. You are Chicom troll. But Western criticisms much less effective in the wake of analogous - if statistically implausible - claims about the US elections. I was a China bull

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