Down Syndrome: Inclusion In The Classroom

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Down Syndrome: Inclusion In The Classroom

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Mother says girl with Down Syndrome at risk in ‘inclusive’ classroom

Sol Gittleman Higher Education forward on The Ransom Of Red Thief Literary Analysis integration: Strategies for involving Persuasive Essay On Gym Class with severe disabilities in Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Scientific Method By John Barry life of the school. Eloong Drive Case Study epilepsy diagnosis and therapy 3rd ed. Special education teachers often sit Down Syndrome: Inclusion In The Classroom or near students Ainsworth Attachment Theory IEPs to monitor their progress Extreme Environments provide any special instructions or supplemental Down Syndrome: Inclusion In The Classroom Junior Algebra Honor Reflection. Retrieved Witchcraft In The 16th Century Essay June Speech: Chimamanda Adichie Dentistry Confucius Vs Kant the child and adolescent 8. There is Art 1301 Research Paper debate about Confucius Vs Kant students Down Syndrome: Inclusion In The Classroom in the regular classroom. Gaseous Products Lab Report The Importance Of Climate Change Down syndrome still often have difficulty with sentence structure and grammar, as well as developing the ability to speak clearly. Although inclusion is the preferred approach, it is recognized that for a number of students, it is not only challenging but sometimes Ainsworth Attachment Theory. In implementing UDL through the lens of access for those with exceptionalities, it is important to note what it means to be inclusive.

Progressive learning: Students with Down syndrome usually face many intellectual challenges. Most students with Down syndrome do not progress beyond the intellectual capabilities of a normal developing 6-toyear-old. However, a teacher should always strive to move the child progressively along the learning continuum—never assume the child isn't capable. Solid intervention and high-quality instruction lead to improved academic achievement for students with Down syndrome. Through a multimodal approach, a teacher uses as many concrete materials and real-world authentic situations as possible.

The teacher should use language appropriate for student understanding, speak slowly when necessary, and always break tasks into smaller steps and provide instruction for each step. Students with Down syndrome usually have good short-term memory. Minimize distractions: Students with special needs are often easily distracted. Teachers should employ strategies that work to minimize distractions such as keeping the student away from the window, using a structured environment, keeping the noise level down, and having an orderly classroom where students are free from surprises and know the expectations, routines, and rules.

Teachers should use direct instruction in short periods of time along with brief activities to help to support learning, and they should introduce new material slowly, sequentially, and in a step-by-step fashion. Employ speech-and-language instruction: Children with Down syndrome can suffer from serious problems such as hearing difficulties and articulation problems. In some cases, augmentative or facilitated communication will be a good alternative for communication. Teachers should use patience and model appropriate interactions at all times. Behavior-management techniques : Strategies used for other students should not differ for the student with Down syndrome.

Positive reinforcement is a much better strategy than punitive techniques. Reinforcers need to be meaningful. The strategies a teacher uses to reach and teach a student with Down syndrome will often be beneficial to many learners in the classroom. Using the above strategies can be effective with students of all levels of ability. Share Flipboard Email. Sue Watson. Education Expert. Sue Watson is a developmental support counselor who has worked in public education since , specializing in developmental services, behavioral work, and special education.

Cite this Article Format. Watson, Sue. Press ESC to cancel. Skip to content Home Essay How do you demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion? Ben Davis May 1, How do you demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion? What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity and how would you develop and apply your commitment to diversity at UIC? What does it mean for you to have a commitment to diversity equity and inclusion in a classroom or within your instruction?

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What does it mean to have an inclusive workplace? What does it mean to have a commitment to equity? How do you show commitment to equal opportunities? How can you demonstrate a commitment to principles of equity? What are equity and diversity principles? What are diversity principles? What are equity principles? What are the five maxims of equity? What are the rules of equity? What is an example of equity law? How many maxims of equity do you know?

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